About Us

About Us

Bright Energy is a Renewable Energy company which provides affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions for small businesses and households. Enjoy Life with Solar Power!

Bright Energy (www.brightsenergy.com ) is the Promoter of this initiative "SolarMoney". The Founder/CEO of the business is supported by a crack team of technical and management professionals.

Bright Energy provides reliable, affordable and environmental solar solutions for Off-grid/Ongrid areas. We commit ourselves to improve the life of people who lack electricity.

Bright Energy helps families replace deleterious and expensive kerosene lanterns and candles with clean affordable solar electricity by powering their homes. SolarMoney provides families with opportunities to enjoy basics like TVs, fans and other small electronic gadgets radios, televisions,and cell phone chargers.

Bright Energy also provides pay-as-you-go (PAYG) turnkey solution, which enables people to pay in small installments using their mobile phones. By this way, clean energy becomes more affordable for everyone.

Who We Are

Bright Energy provides products and services in the field of power sector with a particular focus on renewable energy. Being a highly innovative company, we address niche markets that are too small for blue-chip solar energy companies.
Bright Energy provides affordable, reliable and clean solar energy solution to small business, residential, schools and offices for productive uses. We offer a finance scheme whereby with down payment, our clients can own a solar power system designed to meet their energy requirements and pay off the balance over a period of 6-30 months. Bright Energy customizes its products and services as requested by client. Our clients benefit from the detailed technical expertise. .